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Adam`s Peak in Sri Lanka or Siri Pada as it is popularly known, is in fact recognized by many names owing to the ambiguity of its historic origins. Whichever name is used Adam`s Peak is a haven for all faiths, a place which different religions revere.

Located in the Ratnapura central highlands, many start the ascent of the mountain from the town of Hatton and descent via Ratnapura. There are six known trails leading the summit, however some are not in use today.The best time for climbing is from December to May as there after the rainy season and strong winds set in. The climb is usually done during the night, along lit pathways and steps, so that you are in time to witness the sunrise from the summit. It truly is a breathtaking experience. The foot print at the top is believed by the different religions to be that of Lord Buddha or that of Adam by Muslims and Christians. The surrounding forest is a wildlife reserve and is the natural habit for elephants and leopards. This mountain is mentioned in ancient chronicles which asserts its place of significance from ancient times. It is a chilly journey and warm clothes are a must, as is a positive mind regarding the climb. Once done you feel a sense of accomplishment and well being as you re-trace the steps of ancient people, including, according to certain lore, that of Alexander the Great.