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Arugam Bay is one of Sri Lanka`s loveliest destinations on the east coast. It is basically a remote and pristine stretch of beach and crystal clear turquoise ocean waters located right at the end of the Island`s east coastal road.

 From April to October Arugam Bay is a popular haunt amongst all surfing enthusiasts as the awesome Antarctic winter swells are a great ride. Apart from the surfing enthusiasts the Arugam Bay area is a favourite amongst nature lovers and travellers seeking a great tranquil getaway. The ocean waters are ideal for swimming and throughout the year it`s a great area for those interested in spotting elephants, birds, butterflies and even crocodiles. Lodging options here, like the destination, is rather laid back with most being offered in the form of guest houses. Eateries in its tiny town are basically traditional Sri Lankan cuisine serving types, where you will get fresh and tasty seafood.