THINGS TO DO IN Batticaloa

  • Lagoon Sunrises
  • Dutch Fort Church
  • Batticaloa`s Lighthouse
  • Batticaloa`s Market
  • Fort Bastions
  • Singing Fish
  • Passikudah and Kalkudah Beaches
  • Sri Mangalarama Buddhist Temple
  • Batti Lagoon Park
  • Unnichchai Tank
  • Dutch Fort
  • Kallady beach
  • Maamangam Hindu Temple
  • The VOC Cannon
  • A Walk in Batticaloa Town

Batticaloa, or Batti, is not a destination for exploring sights and attractions. Rather it is a laid back lagoon town of the eastern Sri Lankan coast which boasts exquisite beauty and tranquil charm.

The town is set in the scenic Batticaloa Lagoon which spreads along 56km of shoreline and is home to several interesting and enchanting islands.The main attractions in Batti are the shimmering waters of the lagoon and the lovely sandy beaches in the area. The serene Kallady Beach is the closest to the town whereas the less explored Pasikudah and Kalkudah Beaches are the most amazing stretches of shoreline on the Island. As for sights the old town being a strong hold during the Portuguese and the Dutch Eras features interesting old churches, a fort and other structures.