• Yudaganawa
  • Dematamal Viharaya
  • Maligawaila Bhudist Statue

Buttala is not a famous tourist destination but holds a charm all of its own as you pass through. It offers eye pleasing scenery such as tea estates and vegetable fields in the Upper region and paddy fields in the Lower region.

The name is derived from Sinhala meaning Rice Mound in reference to the area`s past agricultural bounty when it was under the ancient Ruhunu Kingdom. It is said that the area served as King Dutugamunu`s defence base. Buttala is the ideal location from which to enjoy some quiet time while strolling along the streets. Visit the Dolapeela Vihara which has a Bodhi Tree dating back 800 years. The area is in the present day famous for its sugar cane cultivation.