• Munneshwaram Hindu Temple

Chilaw is a seaside town located in the west coast of Sri Lanka. It is home to a breathtakingly beautiful lagoon while in 1927 Mahatma Gandhi actually stayed in Chilaw.

Nowadays hotels in Chilaw are easily available which is why more people travel to this coastal fishing town. It is famous for crabs and coconuts while the family of Corea have played an important role in its history. The Munneswaram Hindu Temple is an interesting place to visit. Chilaw is filled with vast coconut estates with the blue ocean in the background. Accommodation in Chilaw comes in a variety of options so that you can pick a place that best suits your budget. Chilaw is a good destination from which to enjoy an easy paced holiday that does not involve massive crowds but instead loads of sun and sand. It is easy to travel to Negombo while a little further travel will take you towards Anuradhapura. So take time to experience Chilaw during your visit to Sri Lanka.