• Munidasa Kumaratunga`s Residence
  • Wwurukannala Viharaya
  • Blow Hole

Dikwella has reefs, sand bars and safe swimming, which is why it is so appealing as a holiday destination. Located in the deep south of Sri Lanka, in the Matara district, Dikwella is an authentic fishing village.

This seaside destination provides the perfect setting for complete relaxation as the sound of the waves provide a comforting rhythm. Sri Lanka`s largest Buddha statue is in Dikwella which stands at a majestic 50 meters. Being in the Deep South, Dikwella is a great place to watch an authentic Devil Dance, performed to ward away evil spirits and help sick people gain a speedy recovery. You will definitely be moved by the experience. You can go snorkelling among the colourful fish that inhabit the reef and watch the fishermen bring in their early morning catch. There are many beach cafes, quality restaurants and bars in and around Dikwella. Take time to appreciate life in Dikwella.