THINGS TO DO IN Horton Plains

  • World`s end
  • Horton Plains National Park

Horton Plains enchants visitors with the splendour of nature`s beauty. It has an untouched feel to it that truly makes trekking through the vast expanse of the plain an unmatchable lifetime experience.

From wild plains to a rainforest along a winding path the trek takes you through to a sheer drop at the end, aptly named World`s End. If you start early you will be able to avoid the gentle mist that starts descending towards early afternoon. However, this mist adds to the mystical quality that surrounds the Horton Plains. After World`s End visitors can also see the Baker`s Falls one of the many beautiful waterfalls that Sri Lanka is home to.Be absorbed by the dense silence that is completely peaceful and in no way daunting. It harkens to simpler times when man was one with nature. You too can experience heightened sense of concentration as you take trek through beauty. The trek is quite a workout but not too stressful and can be enjoyed by all.Be respectful of nature as a visit to the Horton Plains will leave you with a sense of calm and wonder as you see varying kinds of fauna and flora and if lucky maybe a samba or monkeys.