• Kite Surfing
  • Dutch Fort Church
  • Whale and Dolphine Watching
  • Dutch Church Kalpitiya
  • Scuba Diving

Located on the western coast of Sri Lanka and about 150 km north of Colombo, Kalpitiya is a peninsular which lies between the Puttalam lagoon and the Indian Ocean. This beautiful stretch of coast is made up of mangrove swamps, salt pans, flat plains and sandy beaches.

 A nature lovers` paradise the biggest attraction here is the Bar Reef, a coral reef which boasts a biodiversity which cannot be found anywhere else in the waters around the Indian Sub-continent. The reef complex stretches from the northern tip of the peninsular up to the islands located right between the Gulf of Mannar and the Portugal Bay. This pristine coral reef, which is a marine sanctuary, is home to 283 species of marine life and 156 species of coral.  The Kalpitiya peninsular is dotted with small fishing villages providing an enchanting setting for any holiday maker. The main town of Kalpitiya shows signs of the colonial past with attractions such as the St Peter`s Kerk Church and the Dutch Fort. And for those who are not keen on diving to explore the reef, boat rides can be arranged to explore the interesting coastline and also for watching whales and dolphins that make the ocean waters in the area their home.