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During the colonial eras Kalutara had been a spice trading city. From the Portuguese to the Dutch and finally the British, each has left significant influence in this city.

The old canal system, rubber plantations, churches and other structures all portray the different cultures.Today the beach resort of Kalutara is also a bustling city of religious importance. Located along the west coast and just 40 kilometres from capital Colombo the city is one of the biggest attractions on your way to the popular southern coast. Kalutara is divided in to two `Kalutara North aka Mahawaskaduwa and Kalutara South aka Katukurunda`, it`s the northern section which boasts the long stretches of golden sandy beaches and various lodging options. The city greets you with a massive white Stupa of the famous Gangatilaka Vihara. This hollow stupa depicts the modernism and involvement of Buddhism in the country. Inside the Stupa are interesting murals illustrating the various lives of Lord Buddha. The busy town is famous for basketry and the some of the finest Mangosteen in the Island. For a day out and sight-seeing exploration the best options would be the Richmond Castle. Built in 1896 the surrounding fruit estate spreads across 42 acres. Apparently the design of the house was copied from a Maharaja palace in India which was designed by a British architect. Intricate carvings, period architecture and fascinating photographs add to the intriguing nature of the house, especially as it is believed to be haunted. The surrounding grounds are a pleasant addition to the excursion mainly as it affords excellent picnic spots.