Though not a very well known holiday destination, Kirinda a small fishing village has much to offer visitors who do venture there. Located in the Hambantota district about 251 km to the south of Colombo Kirinda is a location that is steeped in history.

It consists of a rocky outcrop and a small port said to be the place where the princess Viharamahadevi landed, after being set adrift at sea by her father as atonement for his sins. He had a monk thrown into boiling oil as the King suspected him of aiding in a liaison between the Queen and his brother. It was to appease his subjects for this horrific crime and to prove his repentance that he placed his eldest daughter in a boat with a month`s provisions and a note to explain that she was a princess. She later married the King Kavantissa of the southern region and bore two sons who are revered as historic national heroes. There a boulder that has been craved with the Royal Coat of arms of the King to mark the landing spot. From Kirinda you can visit the Yala and Udawalawe National Parks and even the Bundala National Park which is a wetland habitat for migratory birds. Safari trips, beach hikes, sea bathing, boulder climbing, fishing and bird watching are just some of the activities you can do while staying in Kirinda. Hotels in Kirinda are easy to find and cater to different requirements.