• Kithulgala Beli Lena
  • Trekking
  • River Rafting
  • Bird Watching
  • Rock Climbing
  • Camping

Located in the western Sri Lankan wet zone area, Kitulgala is an enchanting little town which mainly consists of rain forest terrain. The area receives two monsoons per year and is considered one of the wettest destinations in the Island.

Its natural setting with the forests and the lovely Kelani River flowing through it, the beauty of the area and the lush tropical flora attracts many visitors to the area.The rapids offered by the Kelani River in the Kitulgala area makes it ideal for white-water rafting. And the verdant forests around the area complement the adventurous rafting experience. The scenic river and the area around it were also used in filming the Academy Award-winning movie, the Bridge on the River Kwai.Kitulgala being located in a primeval forest area boasts tropical flora and more than 50 species of rare birds. As the destination still maintains its natural setting with minimal modernization it offers an ideal setting for outdoor nature explorations. Camping, trekking, bird watching and exploring the nearby waterfalls are popular in Kitulgala. The town is also an ideal base for those interested in climbing the 2,234 metre high Adam`s Peak.