• Wasgamuwa National Park

Wasgamuwa as a destination is mostly popular owing to the National Park located there. Initially set up as a refuge for the wild animals that were displaced owing to the Mahaweli Development Project back in 1984, the Wasgamuwa National Park is home to many animal species such as elephants, monkeys, wild boar, spotted deer, the elusive leopards and of course the sloth bear.

In fact the name Wasgamuwa originates from the Sinhala name `walas gamuwa` which when loosely translated means sloth bear wood. It was once home to a thriving popular of sloth bear though unfortunately this population has diminished. Wasgamuwa also has a Bird Park with some 143 species of birds recorded. There are other attractions to see such as small scale ancient tanks, ruins and ancient religious sites. For visitors who love to explore the Sudu Kanda mountain range is a good option. There are many good accommodation options in and around the Wasgamuwa Park.