• Yala National Park
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Situated in the deep south of Sri Lanka, Yala is synonymous with the Yala National Park which attracts many visitors. This is because the park is teeming with wildlife and lays claim to a rich biodiversity.

It is located in the deep south of Sri Lanka and spans both the Southern and Uva Provinces. This is a wildlife enthusiast`s form of heaven on earth and even if you are not an enthusiast it will convert you.The Yala National Park is a no hunting zone and so the animals roam around their habitats freely. The park offers different types of habitats from mangrove lagoons near coastal forests, to scrub forests, secondary forests and dunes. It is for this very reason that there is such a diversity of wildlife from mammals, to reptiles, to birds and amphibians. People visit the park with the intent of catching a glimpse of a leopard, a sloth bear or spotted deer or getting up close and personal with the majestic elephants. There are many hotels in Yala along with many camping options in and around Yala itself. Stay in Yala and enjoy a safari holiday as well as the amazing attractions in and around the Yala area.