Surfing in Sri Lanka: Coolest surf spots

Surfing in Sri Lanka is a fantastic, perfect-storm kind of experience. Riding those thrilling waves is addictive if anything ever is. Catching the wave, gliding on it and playing with it – surfing will take you through a sea of emotions. It’s an activity that brings into life orchestras of adventure, euphoria, ecstasy, craze, and wonder. Surfing

Traditional Dance in Sri Lanka: Fantastic Ves, Vannam, and Other Dances

Traditional dance in Sri  Lanka will have you spellbound. And your eyes aching with its splendour too. Smooth and exquisite movements. Also, beautiful costumes. Vibrant beats and music too. Sri Lankan cultural dance will always have the spectators blown away with its brilliance and beauty. Traditional dance in Sri  Lanka: Ves Dance The lavish and

Perahera in Sri Lanka: Kandy Perahera and Navam Perahera

Perahera in Sri Lanka offers a vibrant and colourful experience. From traditional drummers and dancers to ornately decorated elephants, Sri Lanka Perahera are mesmerizing. Perahera in Sri Lanka: Kandy  Perahera Kandy Perahera is an annual pageant that parades the Kandy City in the month of August. Synonymous with colour and also sounds, the colourful procession is dedicated

How To Spend Two Weeks in Sri Lanka

Two weeks in Sri Lanka will have you soaked in endless beauty and funky adventures of a paradise Island. Two weeks in Sri Lanka Day 01: Airport/Pinnawala/Kandy Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a happy home built with love for elephants. About 100 elephants call it home. You can follow the elephants down to the river as

Best Wildlife in Sri Lanka

From wonderful Sri Lankan elephants stepping splendidly shaking their trunks to Leopards having chilled-out times… Wildlife in Sri Lanka is as exotic as its paradise island setting. Wildlife in Sri Lanka: Elephants Getting up close and personal with elephants has never been this magical! Yala, Wilpattu, Udawalawe, and Minneriya National Parks of Sri Lanka are