A Beach Getaway In Mirissa

It’s that time of the year again- The time I spoil myself with a quiet couple of hours of chilling on the bed every afternoon – End of the year is the time I snuggle up in my bed with my pillows and pour over my own diary. So here I am, sipping a Ceylon cuppa tea, listening to the music of the December wind, and  going back in my mind to all the places I travelled, the faces that smiled at me, the friends I made, and well  not to boast, but the whales I met too. Yeah, I think it’s time I tell you a tale of the whales  with hundreds of dolphins in it- how we sailed in the morning- how beautiful the sea in Mirissa looked in shimmering gold- in short, what a surreal meet-up it was. Let me read it out aloud, The Mirissa Diaries…

Arriving in Mirissa

To quote Taylor Swift, ‘Today was a fairytale’. Jen and I arrived in Mirissa in the morning and we both are in love with the town. The call of the sea was too much for two oceanholics like us, so, soon as we checked-in to our guest house (which was such a pretty little spot), we rushed to the beach. ‘Hello ladies, the ocean can wait’, the merry owner of the little guest house joked. ‘Hey but we are mermaids’ we joked back and ran to the place where our souls belonged.

Mirissa beach

Mirissa Beach

The beach was sandy and pretty that we fell in love with it at once. It was about 10 in the morning, so the sun was sparkling in soft gold though the heat was growing by the minute. Three hours of swimming and sunbathing and we were in heaven. We finished off our little adventure with an apple juice at one of those pretty restaurants the beach is dotted with. And then we went back to the hotel to a lovely lunch table laid out in its sweet-looking garden and had the prettiest little lunch ever!

Beautiful Matara

Ben, the famous local driver, arrived on time to take us off on a drive to beautiful Matara. At 3 in the afternoon, Mirissa looked like your quintessential sleepy coastal town. Just a little away from the beach, paddy fields were shining in the purple evening sunshine. After a lovely drive of 30 minutes we found ourselves in the glorious historical city. The Star shaped Dutch Fort and the old Dondra Lighthouse were alluring with an aura of historical glamour. When we came back to Mirissa the sun was good-byeing and everything about the town, from the sea revelling in a ruby and purple sunset to the night restaurants from where came the aroma of hot Kottu, seemed aware that the beautiful twilight was in!

Old Dondra Lighthouse Matara

‘Isn’t this a pretty dusk?’ Jen asked. ‘Surreal’ I said ‘Surreal is the right word’.

And just like that we were drawn to the beach again. As we strolled along the laid-back beach, looking at the sun slipping away, a star or two showing up, a hint of moonlight tinging the sky, we felt as blithe as two silvery sea gulls that ever sang songs of joy to the sea…

Whale watching Mirissa

Whale and Dolphin watching in Mirissa

Today will be remembered forever as the day ‘we had thrills upon thrills’. My head is still dizzy with the crazy six hours’ excitement of the morning. Early morning today, we were on a fascinating boat bound to the kingdom of dolphins and whales, our sun hats swishing in the morning breeze. 7 in the morning, the ocean looked as clear as the heart of a diamond. The boat took us miles away from the shore into the wonderfully wondrous realm of the whales and dolphins. Jen was saying to me that she didn’t feel this excited even on her first date with her Mr.Right- That was when the magic happened.

A pod of blue whales were gliding past. Every bit of it was heavenly: Spying on the most awe-striking sea creatures as they swam luxuriantly in their gorgeous sea; The way they twirled alongside and dived so close to  our boat; The sudden appearance of a gam of Bryde’s Whales. Then we sailed further on the stunning corn-flower blue waves to watch a special show by Dolphins named ‘The Twirl’. It was a super glam thing where the playful pretties glided and twirled right under our boat. I think this would make for a lovely bed-time story for my future kids!

An evening in Mirissa

In the afternoon we wended our way into the village and on our way back stopped by the sea to treat ourselves to an ethereal sunset. Then we had a magical dinner at a little restaurant that served us spicy rice and curry on the beach shining silver in the falling moonlight and had the coziest cousinly chat.

Good-night world! And I think I will dream about dolphins tonight…

Twilight in Mirissa

I close my diary with a little sigh, reluctant to settle into real life after an imaginative sail with the whales and chat with the dolphins of this January. I wish I were there right now- In a picturesque little fishing village listening to the ever-musical duet of the sea and the wind and soaring to the purple heart of a Mirissa sunset…


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