A Safari In Yala National Park

Yala National Park

Think of a sky glimmering in summery blue; the winds crooning to the world and dancing the foliage; the evergolden sun shining in soft marigold.

Thrill to the magic of the beautiful Yala National Park.

We are on a safari jeep – our eyes wide-open, looking for adventure .

The young, all-smiley driver comes and kicks off. A bit of nosise – a bit of dust. ‘welcome to the wilds’ he grins.

One minute in to the drive and we already feel like wood nymphs. We see the Fairy of the Wild and she waves at us, throwing our way some star dust. ‘Have fun girls’ she says ‘And wear your hats unless you wanna get tanned’. We smile at her and throw her way a bottle of sunscreen. ‘You’ll love it’ my friend Cathy shouts ‘ this is the best for this hot weather’.

The craziness and aura of adventure that characterize the Yala National Park must have got into us. We can’t just sit in our seats. Wind in our hair- sun on us –the afternoon sky painting pictures – the shush and swish of the trees. Oh my God this forest is so alive!

Dear bright forest.. dear dear bright forest…

Yala National Park

We ride through lanes alive with the frolic of wild animals. By the sides of the road birds were holding their own little parliaments.

A gang of wild water buffalos lounging lazily on the waters shining in ruby sunshine- A leash of spotted deer getting cozy in their familiar places – A herd of sambars chilling out – A troupe of toque macaques making funny faces at  us – A baby rabbit crossing the path, its ears pricked up, our driver pulls the brake – A congregation of crocodiles discussing state affairs

And all of a sudden we get the chills- the happy chills. A couple of leopards chillaxing in a mere stone’s throw away from us, looking just splendid as the golden sun falls on their bodies.

Yala National Park

We move ahead. A brace of waterfowls romancing – A pod of grey hornbills spending quality family time –  A jungle fowl showing off its multi-coloured feathers- A flock of wood pigeons flicking their wings

And we are electrified. We are about to scream in excitement but our driver hushes us. A sloth bear is retreating into the woods. Tranquillity is what he needs now.

A pair of barbets feeding their baby in a cozy nest in a tree hole- A bulbul looking pretty in different shades of yellow- A blue-tailed bee eater meditating by a stream – A parcel of brown-capped babblers chirping and chirping- A flight of egrets looking like a milk-white picture

Yala National Park

And the ultimate magic happens – Elephants elephants everywhere. Love at first. A splendid step and a shake of the trunk. We are in love. A parade of elephants holds the world in a trance. Time stops still as we stare at the exquisite picture wonderstruck by its prettiness : elephant mothers feeding their cute babies; families lying on the grass talking family matters; baby elephants playing and mother elephants reprimanding them.

Twilight sings a purple and ruby song as the sun goes down the park. The Yala National Park calls the moon. It’s star-time; it’s good-bye time.

Night dear golden park. Night lovely animals. Night pretty birds

The Safari Hotel: http://bookings.lk/sri-lanka/tissamaharama/thesafarihotel

The safari Tissamaharama

Check into the glamour of The Safari after a dizzyingly wild safari in the Yala National Park. Lose yourself in the breathtaking magic of the Tissa Weva Lake. Take a dip in the cool waters of the swimming pool and chill the heat away.

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Kithala resort Tissamaharama

Unwind amid pretty paddy fields and make friends with birds that sing the songs of paradise. Feast your eyes on the tranquillity and loveliness of the gardens from your own private balconies.

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Wild Trails Yala

Make memories in the wilderness as you stay at the Wild Trails Yala. Thrill to the rusticity and adventure of the whole thing: bonfires by the night, dine in the moonlight, and be happy on a tent set up on a wooden platform.

If you are looking for a crazy and angel-dusted holiday for this December Yala is where you should think of. Find a happy world away from the hustle and bustle. Make friends with the winds and sing with the song birds.

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