Amaya Hills Kandy

Kandy! I love you to the mountains and back…


Yes, I’m in the mountains. AGAIN! Kandyan Mountains just know how to captivate the mountainophile that is me. Looking at the green heights soaring into the welkin dusted with fairy hues of gold, standing in beautiful emerald silhouette – I fail to see where mountains end and the sky begins… Clad in garments of ethereal shades of green and festooned with mountain-fresh blossoms – the hills are looming over the quaint landscapes of Kandy. Sometimes laced with cascading milk-white hazes and sometimes crowned with ribbons of halcyon sunshine, the mountains of Kandy throw an aura of magic and mystery over this most romantic spot in Sri Lanka. The pinnacles jewelled with the ever-changing ‘light shows’ of the blue yonder are watching over the city of splendour… as vast as my eyes can wander.

I’m lapping up the mountain enchantment from the balcony of my happy place of contemplations: Amaya Hills. The morning world is beribboned with filmy mists… In the gardens of the hotel, roses are in bloom and their dream-like fragrance comes at my window borne aloft on the wings of the wind…

Sipping on my cuppa, I’m about to travel to a dreamland… star-led… wide-eyed…

But suddenly I remember I had other plans; such as telling you some interesting facts about Amaya Hills – why I am fascinated with this hotel in the mountains.


  1. The resort is best friends with mountains

Amaya Hills really belong with the hills as if it grew there. Snuggled cozily in the Kandyan Mountains, the resort also commands stunning views of the Hanthana Mountains.

  1. It recreates a Kandyan castle scene.

Built to resemble a Kandyan palace, the atmosphere at Amaya Hills is packed with delightful possibilities of an ancient Kandyan castle.

  1. The interiors are beautified with wooden carvings.

The beguiling themes of Kandyan architecture are in full bloom at Amaya Hills. All rooms are prettied-up with orchestras of exquisite wooden carvings.

  1. Guest rooms are a glory of earthy colours.

All the guest rooms at Amaya Hills revel in a feat of earthy tones of brick reds, yellows, and blacks.

  1. Suites capture a regal setting

The Amaya Hills Suites are built and appointed so as to resemble the sleeping and living space of a royal.

  1. Rooms afford gorgeous views.

All rooms at the Amaya Hills afford picturesque views of either the scenic valley surrounding the hotel or the distant mist-veiled mountains.

  1. Rooms are packed with modern comforts

Rooms are well-appointed with mini bars, digital safes, and luxury linen. Lots of rooms also have soaking tubs.

  1. Amaya Hills offers a thrilling culinary adventure.

The resort offers magical dining experiences in its open- terraced restaurant where scrumptious buffets are laid-out, the tea shop where aromatic Ceylon teas are being brewed, and the bar that shakes up delicious cocktails.

  1. The pool is wonderful.

The swimming pool at Amaya Hills is an adventure on its own. You can take in some lovely paradise scenery while you cool off in the crystal waters; or bask in the sun gold as you luxuriate on one of the plush lounges.

  1. The resort is complete with a spa

The spa at Amaya Hills is nestled in a tranquil setting and exudes serenity. It offers a variety of treatments to soothe and smooth those blues away.


I hope you find Amaya Hills as fascinating as I do. They say “It’s better in the mountains”. So if you’re a cloud walker who loves places packed with history, beautiful palaces, mild weather, blue hazes, and all things mountainous, Amaya Hills is going to be your countryside wonderland…

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