Amethyst Resort Passikudah

Amethyst Resort

A giant gem embraces the fantastic shoreline of the summer wonderland of Passikudah… It shimmers and glimmers – opening a magical world brimming with purple possibilities: aurora skies flushed with just a touch of fairy, orchid-purple… twilights bannered with mauve-coloured clouds… ocean sunsets soaked in mulberry… royal-purple stars flowering in beds of marshmallow clouds… tropical violet nights with their dream-like loveliness… pansy-purple blossoms blushing at the sun-up in far-flung wildernesses… Just a stone’s throw away from this glorious amethyst lays a diamond encrusted with sensational blue waves that set human hearts dancing. Can I just say that in Passkiudah you can sleep and dine in an amethyst and play and frolic in a diamond! In what other town can you switch between precious stones this easily?

The calms and the storms

Like any heartfelt beach resort, The Amethyst Resort is home to a glory of wuthering winds and endless tranquillities tangled-up into something wonderfully surreal. The resort promises to deliver hundreds of beautiful silences in its rooms and gardens… just when you need them…

Passikudah Beach

A blue blue bay and gold-souled days

The waters of the Passikudah Beach are so shallow that you can walk far, far into their mysterious waves. Walk into the heart of the ocean as the soft, sandy ocean beds tickle your feet. Or cool off in the silver-jewelled waters brimmed with golden sun. Or simply bask in the Eastern gold as you lay stretched on a sun bed set on the coconut palm-dotted beach!

Amethyst Resort

River View rooms and the way the bay croons

The Water View cabanas capture the scene of the satin-blue stream on the bay of Passikudah. Each cabana has its own private veranda from which to day dream and star gaze.

Amethyst Resort

Sea View rooms – have got the world swooned

For those days when you want to live in a tropical storybook…the Sea View rooms are joined by a private veranda that opens out to the beach… which means, your stay will be packed with sea songs, sunsets, freakish breezes, eternal echoes, and shadows…

Amethyst Resort : Taprobane

A seafood plate – at Taprobane

Partake in a Ceylonese culinary journey with a seafood twist. The catch of the day turned into a masterpiece dish at the hands of chefs with a heart belonging to seafood… The aromas will open up scrumptious world that never existed before…

Amethyst Resort : The cool pool bar

Thrills and chills by the pool

Chill by the pool with a cold one at the end of a day of soaking up on vitamin D. Later make a splash in the cool waters… look for violet stars on the clear waters…

Amethyst Resort: The Barrel Pub

Starry fun – at the pub

Hop into the Mediterranean-style pub affectionately called ‘the Barrel’ for a cold one or a nightcap. Get into the mood while munching on light bites…the playful music of course will have you dancing in three…two…one!


Passikudah Beach


Once you holiday in the Amethyst write me a story about how purplish a vacation it was!

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