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5 Fantastic Beach Resorts in Sri Lanka

Beach Resorts in Sri Lanka: Cantaloupe Aqua Cantaloupe Aqua is where the sunny side of life meets exclusivity. The beautiful boutique hotel is located in Talpe, along the gorgeous Southern coastline. Gaze into a summery ocean picture across your glass windows or from your private balcony. And, tuck into delicious Sri Lankan and Thai cuisine

Surfing in Sri Lanka: Coolest surf spots

Surfing in Sri Lanka is a fantastic, perfect-storm kind of experience. Riding those thrilling waves is addictive if anything ever is. Catching the wave, gliding on it and playing with it – surfing will take you through a sea of emotions. It’s an activity that brings into life orchestras of adventure, euphoria, ecstasy, craze, and wonder. Surfing

Perahera in Sri Lanka: Kandy Perahera and Navam Perahera

Perahera in Sri Lanka offers a vibrant and colourful experience. From traditional drummers and dancers to ornately decorated elephants, Sri Lanka Perahera are mesmerizing. Perahera in Sri Lanka: Kandy  Perahera Kandy Perahera is an annual pageant that parades the Kandy City in the month of August. Synonymous with colour and also sounds, the colourful procession is dedicated