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Cool Activities to do in Sri Lanka

Adventures on coasts and trekking in mountains. And Sunshine in gold and countryside in green. Balloons lifting into the morning air and boats sailing to the cornflower seas of whales.Nature trails in the countryside unravelling before your eyes too. Also, safari jeeps slicing through the dust…  A myriad of activities to do in Sri Lanka

Top 10 Foods to Try in Sri Lanka

Cuisine in Sri Lanka is an orchestra of aroma, colour, and luxuriant savours too. Sweet, silky tastes. And spicy flavours. Also sour tangs – Sri Lanka has got it all to transport you into a happy place of culinary delights. Sri Lanka’s traditional cuisine recipes have been passed down from grandmas to daughters… Then again

Why A Visit To Sri Lanka Is Fantastic?

Marigold sunshine hugs warm sands. Silver tipped waves play their eternal song of summer. Sunsets sink into the Indian Ocean in a glory of ruby and purple. In East and South of Sri Lanka, a tropical wonderland unravels before your eyes… In the countryside, pastoral scenes are conspiring together to create an idyllic Eden. Satin

6 Stunning Beaches in Sri Lanka

Beach holidays in Sri Lanka offer a surreal experience that only a summer wonderland island can offer. The satin blue Indian Ocean lies basking in the tropical sun; the golden sunshine washes the marigold sands; rollicking winds swish across dark green coconut palms; warm sands tickle your feet. A truly golden experience awaits you on

Turyaa Kalutara

The quintessential summer paradise… Turyaa Kalutara presents you a tropical experience laced with warm things of life: a red sun and sultry days. Also wispy clouds and ribbons of blue skies. soft ticklish sands too. jewel-crusted seas and surreal sunsets. then again capricious twilights. hot Southern nights and midnight magic too. Turya Kalutara Location An Eden

Bandarawela Hotel

The Island sun has been a little too torrid these days. While I love all things summery, this month, it was too fiery an affair for me to handle… My heart yearned for chilled moments laced with mountain winds… A sleeping hamlet… tranquil sun-up…light purple aurora… mellow mid-days… hazy twilights… chilly nights… Let me paint

Amethyst Resort Passikudah

A giant gem embraces the fantastic shoreline of the summer wonderland of Passikudah… It shimmers and glimmers – opening a magical world brimming with purple possibilities: aurora skies flushed with just a touch of fairy, orchid-purple… twilights bannered with mauve-coloured clouds… ocean sunsets soaked in mulberry… royal-purple stars flowering in beds of marshmallow clouds… tropical

Amaya Hills Kandy

Kandy! I love you to the mountains and back… Yes, I’m in the mountains. AGAIN! Kandyan Mountains just know how to captivate the mountainophile that is me. Looking at the green heights soaring into the welkin dusted with fairy hues of gold, standing in beautiful emerald silhouette – I fail to see where mountains end

Sigiriya Village Hotel

Sigiriya Village is for those days when you want to live a dream off an ancient chronicle. Unwind at this splendid resort in the magical historic city of Sigiriya and be transported into a golden chapter of Sri Lankan history. Sigiriya Village was affectionately built with those of us who long for days of yore