Bandarawela Hotel

The Island sun has been a little too torrid these days. While I love all things summery, this month, it was too fiery an affair for me to handle… My heart yearned for chilled moments laced with mountain winds…

A sleeping hamlet… tranquil sun-up…light purple aurora… mellow mid-days… hazy twilights… chilly nights…

Let me paint the picture.

Bandarawela Hotel

Atmosphere of Bandarawela Hotel

Gardens full of roses – sunflowers hanging out from the roadsides – winding roads with surprises lurking around every corner – tea estates gloried over with scarves of mists – satin blue waterfalls.

A laid-back holiday in the sleepy wonderland of Bandarawela is the best way to escape getting baked in the maddeningly golden fury of Colombo sun. I know you are battling the heat with sun screen and ice cream, but Bandarawela is hundred times effective! Soothe and smooth those heartbreaks and tans with the pearly silences and countryside tricks of a little town taken off a picture postcard.

Bandarawela Hotel

Experience at Bandarawela Hotel

My life right now is a delicious thing tangled up in lazy mornings, cups of coffee, sleepy days, endless mists, sudden light-gold shows of sun, evening mizzles, and cozy nights…

Wiggling my happy toes against the soft, snug linen sheets – the most contended girl in the world – I’m going to tell you some lovely facts about my fairy abode in Bandarawela: The Bandarawela Hotel.

Bandarawela Hotel is clad in Colonial charm. Despite being hundreds of years old, the colonial bungalow still rocks its classical looks.

Bandarawela Hotel

The architecture celebrates the heydays when the bungalow was a place of dreams and laughter of the elites. It lends life and elegance to the interiors.

The rooms of the Bandarawela Hotel open their windows to mountains bannered with violet hazes.

Even the standard rooms are fitted with hot tubs, to make us all feel like we’re the most special guest of the bungalow. Nothing like soaking in a hot tub when the mists settle in outside.

Bandarawela Hotel

The main restaurant provides a meal with a view… and can rightly be called a culinary fairytale.

The hotel also has a lounge bar keeping in mind the times we want to chill with a cold one.

Bandarawela Hotel

The garden is beautifully kept and is a delightful place of tranquillity too.

I know you are badly in need of an unhurried, go-slow kinda holiday. Give the sun a break! And you don’t have to hide under the umbrella… pack yourself off for a couple of days in the serene, soft-hearted paradise… sunless days are ahead!

Bandarawela Hotel

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