Best Places To Stay in Galle

If you don’t yet know about my love story with Galle, you really should read now here     ! Galle is one of the cities that I feel in the depths of my soul. I was there last March and here I’m sitting near my window, thinking about it again. A chapter of its glamour, romance, and splendour to colour my right now not-so-cheerful heart. Yes, this is what exactly I need now: a dream-like olden fort, a fantastic lighthouse, and a twilight on a surreal beach. Well well, I will not let myself get carried away with the dream-like loveliness of the city. As I have already written my very special ode, today, I will instead write on some beautiful accommodation in Galle that are my favourites.


places to stay in Galle


Jetwing lighthouse Galle

Old-world charm beautifully harmonizes with modern elegance at this hotel . Jetwing Lighthouse looks like a yesterdays’ lost landscape re-found. Feel like the shimmering Indian ocean is in your yard as you fall asleep to the soft music the sea plays for the moon! Open your windows to the glory of the ocean as it basks in golden morning sunshine. Sit your evenings away in your private balcony and admire the ever-changing hues of a magical sunset.


Cantaloupe levels Unawatuna

Cantaloupe Levels offers charming accommodation in the legendary picturesque town of Rumassala in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka. It offers scenic views of the fantastic bay that stretches from the Jungle Beach to the Fort of Galle. Luxuriate in the beautiful beds, glorious linen, and Jacuzzis as you stay at the Cantaloupe Levels.


Jetwing Kurulubedda

Stay where the birds chirp and frolic at. This boutique hotel is your ideal retreat into the woods. Rusticity and dreaminess hang around the Jetwing Kurulubedda. Spend your days hidden amidst paddy fields and wilds. Enjoy village cooking by the pool. Take a moment to indulge in your wild side.


The Lady Hill Galle

Lady Hill Galle is perched atop a high point in Galle and is loved for its panoramic views of the romantic old city. Rustic granite stairways, an edifice, an archway, and natural cobblestone floors characterize this beautiful hotel in Galle.

Make sure you choose your hotel in Galle carefully as to enjoy every bit of romance and glamour this surreal town has to offer!



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