Bird Watching in Sri Lanka – Memorable Bird Watching Tours

Bird watching in Sri Lanka is a colourful experience. The Island is the happy home of thousands of feathered friends.

Bird Watching in Sri Lanka, Lankan Wood Pigeon & Blue Tailed Bee Eater

Bird watching in Sri Lanka: Kumana

Bird watching Kumana, sri lankan kingfisher on a tree branch

Kumana National Park in the Southeast of Sri Lanka is a highlight of bird watching tours in Sri Lanka due to its avifauna. Over 250 species of birds have been recorded in the park. From April to July thousands of migrant birds flock in the swamps of Kumana.

Highlights: Black-necked stork, Lesser adjutant, Eurasian spoonbill, Great thick-knee, Waterfowl, Pintail snipe, Red-faced malkoha

Bird watching in Sri Lanka: Bundala

Bird watching in Sri Lanka, Bundala, Flying sri lankan eagle

Bundala National Park in the South of Sri Lanka is a paradise of birds of Sri Lanka as well as migratory birds. And, around 200 species of birds call the park their happy home. The wetland lures a multitude of resident and migrant water birds too.

Highlights: The greater flamingo, Waterfowl, Cormorants, Painted stork, Asian openbill

Bird watching in Sri Lanka: Sinharaja

Bird watching in Sri Lanka, Sinharaja, Rhopocichla atriceps on a branch

Sinharaja Forest Reserve adds a unique touch to bird watching tours in Sri Lanka. The park records over 280 bird species too. It is also a heaven for endemic birds of Sri Lanka.

Highlights: Blue magpie, Grey hornbill, Paradise flycatcher, Bronze-winged dove.

Bird watching in Sri Lanka: Kalametiya

 Sri Lanka Kalametiya, Pin tailed sniper on a muddy river bank

The water lagoons and swamp of Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary takes you to a world of tranquility only broken by the cheeps and chirps of birds. A cruise on the laid-back wetlands will take you on a fantastic birdlife journey.

Highlights: Gray herons, Kingfishers, Pelicans, Purple swamp hen, Cormorants

Bird watching in Sri Lanka: Thalangama

Thalangama Birds Sanctuary offers a vibrant birdlife experience on the outskirts of Colombo. Ponds and paddy fields stretch beautifully as a wetland unravels before your eyes. Over 100 bird species have been spotted here.

Highlights:  Yellow-billed babbler, Rose-ringed parrot, Purple swamp hen, Red-vented Bulbul, Asian spoonbill.

Bird watching in Sri Lanka: Muthurajawela

Bird watching Muthurajawela, Loriculus_beryllinus in Sinharaja

Muthurajawela is another fantastic place for bird watching that boasts over 150 species of birds. Due to its wonderful ecosystem the swamp allures flocks of migrant water birds too.

For the times when you want to lose yourself amidst the sweet music of warbles and trills, Sri Lanka is the place.

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