Quirky Things To Do In Colombo

Colombo is a city with a quirky sense of beauty. It just doesn’t care for your ideal type of beautiful. It is not a pastoral poem, but the vivacity and wit of the city is quite charming! Colombo is that girl you said is ‘not exactly beautiful, but is very fascinating’ and went home and thought all the night about.

And this city is for everyone. It has posh mansions- it has slums. Dusty streets- Prettily kept lanes. Dodgy bars- elegant cafes. Poetry- prose. Modern skyscrapers – quaint colonial churches. Screaming sounds- silence. In short, Colombo has everything and everything else too. It is like a catchy tune that you can’t get out of your head.

All in all, Colombo is captivating – an off-the-wall city with an enchantingly offbeat attitude. This is why your experience of this fantastic  need not be strictly traditional. Get a little crazy as Colombo plays its song. Bike though dusty streets. Get a taste of its old colonial charm and dance to its irresistible modern tunes.

Glam-up your Colombo stay with some fun things!

Dodgy Bar Tour 

Dodgy bar tour of Colombo

Have a taste of the quirky bar culture of Fort in the sundown. Sip different spirits at five bars tucked away behind the frenzied streets, each invitingly dodgy in its own way. Make new friends while you get boozy!

Night Cycling Tour

Colombo night cycling tour

Discover the charms of the vibrant city in a star-time pedal though the city. Fall in love with the serene side of the city from the coziness of a bike while you cycle across all fascinating landmarks of the city.

Old Colombo Walkabout

Old Colombo walkabout

Indulge in a chapter of the Colonial history of Colombo as you stroll around Pettah in the late afternoon. Admire the glorious Colonial heritage the city boasts as you listen to the tales of old Colombo by a wonderful story-teller.

Suba Gaman

Suba Gaman

Ride through Colombo’s windy streets in a whimsical three-wheeled taxi and learn the history, beauty, moods, and quirks of the city. Marvel at an old town hall, a museum, a church and a temple, and a lighthouse!

From tea leaf to cup with Heladiv

From tea leaf to cup with Heladiv

Plunge yourself into the tealightful depths of tea literature as you partake in a tea grading, tea tasting, and factory tour. Finish off with a cuppa tea and scrumptious sweets on the terrace.

The Bavarian Ride

The Bavarian ride

Cycle around Colombo in the evening glow and finish off with drinks. Adults wind down with a beer or a cocktail while kids sip on a milkshake or a cokefloat. Sit down to a scrumptious dinner engulfed in Bavarian hospitality.

Brave the hustle and bustle of Colombo. Wander through the dust and dirt fearlessly and you will see the soul of the city-beautiful in all its perfections… beautiful in all its flaws…

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