Destination weddings in Sri Lanka: Island Weddings

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After all, it is the biggest day of your life; so, if you feel like you need to say those “I do”s in your dream destination, why, you are welcome! Be it just the two of you, an intimate gathering of your near-dears, or a big celebration, possibilities are endless with destination weddings in Sri Lanka. It could be that beach wonderland where you went vacationing together for the first time – the idyllic countryside where one of you holidayed during your childhood summer vacations – or a quaint, romantic city that you have been dreaming of since forever. Lovebirds, here’s why you should go after your heart and marry in Sri Lanka away from your usual home.

You have a sea of places to choose from

 You could literally say your vows anywhere in Sri Lanka because the Island is packed with surprises enough to satisfy even the choicest of couples! Have fun while you two use your imagination and paint a mental picture of what your dream wedding destination is like and then find a place that ticks off each of your ideals, as if it has been made to order. When planning a destination wedding in Sri Lanka, there’ll be no settling for places. Be it a beach with sunset glory – a countryside setting with winding roads that lead to hidden orchards – a city where quaint romance is still in full bloom – you are pre-destined to find that gorgeous destination that enchants you. Feel the magic when your dreamland comes to life right before your eyes!

Pre-wedding days are stress-free

 You will feel blessed to not have to lose your beauty sleep over your nuptial details. Rest assured knowing that your wedding preparations are in full swing, at the hands of experienced destination wedding planners in Sri Lanka. You will have enough time to focus more on romance before the grocery lists come to play. Your resort will take care of everything from attending to the Sri Lankan marriage license requirements to ensuring that your wedding cake is baked to perfection. So basically, you two can be the chief guests at your own wedding! Sign the papers and be lavished with magical moments… off you go, the ever-after starts here.

Your wedding doubles up as a family vacation

 Your destination wedding can be that family vacation that you always planned, but never went on. You will be getting more than hasty hugs from your guests. Arrive in Sri Lanka with your friends and family a few days before the wedding; while you are partaking in the last minute wedding details, make sure that you turn it into a mini-vacation too. Bask in the glory of the splendours of tropical scenes and learn real gladness with your loved ones. This is the perfect season to shower those people in your life with love and make memories.

Best wedding locations in Sri Lanka



A heritage city unspoilt at heart… a colonial fort and oceans lapping up tropical sunshine.

Nuwara Eliya


A landscape taken from the English countryside… mountains dreaming in the mists and tea gardens gloried over with morning gold.



A sleepy little town packed with beauty and adventure…waters that lure lovers of white water rafting.



A quaint, romantic city with a fascinating history of a splendorous pageant… rolling hills and an alluring history.

Arugam Bay


A surfer’s dream come true… with a wild side.



A captivating peninsula in North… Brilliant sunshine, aquamarine seas, and a charming dose of Hindu culture



Sunsets, magic of water sports, seafood, fascinating nightlife… you’ll literally live on the beach!


A citadel where ancient castles still stand… splendour of ancient ruins that takes you on a journey back in the history



Up close and personal with the elephants… for those who have a heart belonging to the woods.



Mountain stories, songs of brooks, fairytales of waterfalls, and other dream-like stuff… if you want to live in a picturesque storybook!

Now that you’ve found your soul-mate nothing should hinder you from making those promises in your soul-place. Tie that eternal knot in a destination that has captivated your hearts and make it doubly fantastic.

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