Fantastic Dining experiences in Sri Lanka

Do you know that adding some magic to your dining experience could transport you into a fairy tale? Some nights, when I feel a little blue, I would set my dinner table on my balcony and dine there- moonlight on me and star shine dancing on the table -the effect is instant and I feel the world is beautiful after all! And a cuppa tea is tastier when it is sipped in a pretty little garden with roses in bloom. The enchantment of a place could glam up your dining experience. In Sri Lanka you could dine literally anywhere you want to: Under a starry sky while listening to the stories of the night; on the beach sparkling in silver in the moonlight; at quaint bars shadowy with dim lights; in a quintessential local straw and mud kitchen; In a picturesque little village sitting on a rustic bench…I’m going to do a little write-up on some fascinating dining experiences in Sri Lanka so that you can partake in your style dining adventure when you are here!

Village lunch at Tamarind Gardens

Village lunch at Tamarind Gardens

Ever wondered what a local country villager’s life is like? A three hours’ tour in a picturesque farmland in Digana would give you the answers. Tamarind Gardens, a scenic farmland sprawled in 10 acres, offers a truly rustic experience. Like everything cozy, the tour begins with a cuppa hot tea. Then the cooking demonstration on farm-style food comes into play. After this aromatic culinary demo is the meet-and-greet where you will befriend the friendly cows and other furry friends of the farm!At the end of the farm is a little gate that is the doorway to the picturesque little village.Walk through the pebbled street and stop by a sweet cottage where you will take part in a magical incense sticks workshop. At the end of the tour return to the farmland to a delicious lunch laid out right in front of the scenic Victoria dam.

Village lunch at Tamarind Gardens

Traditional Buffalo Milk Curd

Traditional buffalo milk curd

Buffalo Milk Curd, locally known as ‘Mee-Kiri’ is a dessert that feels heavenly after a spicy local lunch. You can buy it at any supermarket here. But wouldn’t you love to witness the process of making this delicious thing at a local home? It is interesting to watch the local curd experts filter and boil the buffalo milk. And at the end, a cup of silky curd with sweet treacle is ready to transport you into a sweet world.

A date with a 1000 stars

A date with 1000 stars

Fancy dining by a warm bonfire in the deeps of Weerawila as the star shine falls down on you? Then, this 4 hours’ experience by Saraii Village would be the perfect thing for you. The nights in Saraii are warm and wild with the Southern winds swishing through treetops, evening birds singing to the stars, and the moonlight and starlight washing the earth. Your favourite wine and food on the table, a quaint-looking lantern lighted next to it, a cozy bonfire all rosy and aglow, and comfy cushions set around the table…  Faces of friends, light-hearted jokes, sing-alongs, witty anecdotes…What a night it is!

A date with 1000 stars

Local lunch with the village farmers

A local lunch with village farmers

Trek through the wild paths of Weerawila that lead to the wonderland of birds and come back to the magic of a rustic lunch. Taste the local favourite Pol Sambol, the aromatic Polos Curry, and cooked vegetables that are picked fresh from local gardens. The lunch is served in charming traditional clay pots laid out on fragrant banana leaves. Have a chat with friendly locals who would go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Finish off with some juicy garden-fresh fruits.

Now wasn’t it all enchanting? After all, there’s nothing like dining in nature. Wind, stars, trees, and sun – they all have got that magic in them that graces and glamourizes your dining experience. Take your dinners and lunches out in the nature and make a wonderful adventure of your little dining experience.


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