Holidays In Stunning Bentota

Last year, when I first ever laid my eyes on the shimmering Bentota beach and the glimmering Indian Ocean, I asked my Sri Lankan friend Nadinie if I were dreaming. She assured me I was not, and that what I was seeing was a real thing if it looks surreal. The city was nothing short of magical. During my three days’ vacation on this amazing wonderment of a beach town I found out two things: the Bentota beach is one of the most glowing places in the world and the town has this stardust-like power of making those who visit it feel alive. You can’t be on the warm sands  for five minutes but you feel merry. There’s no space for unhappy thoughts on this goldenly gold beach town.


Things to do in Bentota

The Indian ocean  is graceful and clear as the heart of a diamond. So it’s the place where many of your beachy dreams come true be it a quiet beach stroll, swim in the crystal waters, or a warm sun bathing. And in the evening the sun sinks into the sea after a most glorious show of ethereal hues. You can also have a surf in the turquoise waves of the sea.

 lunuganga gardens

The Lunuganga Gardens is prettily-kept and absolutely stunning. It makes for a dreamy walk for the lovers of loveliness. The former residence of the eminent architect Gefforey Bawa, the buildings inside the garden are quaint and classical. The names of the buildings themselves convey the magic : the glass room, the red terrace, the yellow courtyard, the black pavilion, the cinnamon hill house, the gate house, the southern terrace, and the western terrace. There’s a pretty water garden and a beautiful plain too.It is an idyllic escape in every sense of the word


The Bentota River is another place to visit. You can go canoeing, jet skiing, or simply boating on this enchanting river.

Places to stay in Bentota

Nisala Arana Boutique Hotel :

nisala arana boutique hotel

This serene and stylish villa is set in a 4 ½ acresgorgeousoues gardens in a stone’s throw away from the beach . Sit under the trees and listen to the bird songs. Walk along shadowy paths. Learn true tranquility in the elegance of your favourite luxury villa.

Waterside Bentota :

waterside bentota

This cheerful villa on the banks of the Bentota River will give you the happy chills. Fly to the heart of the sunset from your own private balcony. Sip in the loveliness of the gardens as you take a dip in the pool.

The Surf Bentota :

the surf

Fall in love with the Indian ocean from your very own pprivate balcony. Relax by the pool basking in the sunshine. Chill by the lounge in the summery nights.

Villa Velmarie :

villa velmarie

This refurbished old colonial house sits in an extensive coconut land. Located in the rustic village of Maggona, this villa offers a picturesque stay.

Go right into the heart of the magic of Bentota. I promise, you will be mesmerized by the dream-like quality of it.

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