Perahera in Sri Lanka: Kandy Perahera and Navam Perahera

Perahera in Sri Lanka offers a vibrant and colourful experience. From traditional drummers and dancers to ornately decorated elephants, Sri Lanka Perahera are mesmerizing.

Perahera in Sri Lanka: Kandy  Perahera

Kandy Perahera, Tusker bearing the sacred Tooth Relic

Kandy Perahera is an annual pageant that parades the Kandy City in the month of August. Synonymous with colour and also sounds, the colourful procession is dedicated to the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Lord Buddha. All in all, it’s a bright, glorious festival that lasts for ten days. Obviously, the grandest and most exuberant procession shows up on the final day. The perahera features a multitude of elaborately and regally dressed elephants. Actually, the Kandy Perhera is truly a celebration of lights in every sense of the word. Brilliant costumes of the performers, glow of the torches, and rich radiance of the fire breathers all complement to make the procession an even more arresting one.

The whip crackers at the forefront proudly signify the approaching of the procession. And traditional drummers play the most vibrant beats and the dancers amaze the spectators with their graceful movements. Most noteworthy is the tusker that carries the casket containing the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Lord Buddha walking in all its solemnity and reverence. Fire breathers hold the world in a trance with their magical fire shows. And baby elephants in strikingly colourful costumes do their own dance to the rhythm of the procession. The lance bearers and sun shade bearers add to the spectacular presence of the pageant too. The whole procession is one grand affair that spells out glitter, romance and charm. Displaying the best of the colours and sounds and the most impressive of the traditions, the Kandy Perahera captivates the world with the most awe-inspiring procession of all time.

Perahera in Sri Lanka: Navam perahera

Navam perahera in Sri Lanka, fireball dancers lighting up the streets

Navam Perahera is an annual religious pageant that arrays the streets of Colombo in wonder and glory for two consecutive days. Annually held in February, the Navam Perahera brings together the splendour of various dancing categories such as Southern, Eastern, and Central. The Perahera also brings into life thousand-year-old cultures and traditions. The glorious temple of Gangaramaya and the environs of Nawam Mawatha would go alive and aglow. The lights and colours of the procession will reflect on the Beira Lake.  Most noteworthy is the tusker bearing the sacred relic bordered by two other magnificent tuskers all of who are ravishingly dressed. The whole city will be moving to the beat of hundreds of drums. And fireball dancers will have the spectators wonderstruck. Mask dancers, folk dancers, Kandyan dancers, and flag bearers are other highlights of this Perahera in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Perahera lures thousands of spectators due to their exotic and colourful pageantry. So be sure to reserve your seats way in advance!

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