Interesting places to stay in Sri Lanka in November

Today I’m going to share some of my favourite places to stay in Sri Lanka with you all. My story with all these hotels has really been beautiful. It could be the gorgeous interiors and stunning gardens; cozy rooms and elegant fittings; delicious cuisine and the smiles of the staff. All I know is I’m in love!

places to stay in Sri Lanka

Queens Hotel : Colonial at heart


Do you want to feel like a governor? Then stay at this former governor’s residence right in the heart of the Kandy city. It’s 160 years old! And has a totally colonial appeal. The Temple of the Tooth Relic and the Kandy Lake backdrops the Queens hotel. The old building looks quite quaint and romantic. The rooms are elegant and cozy at the same time. The wooden floors, colonial paintings hanging on the walls, and wooden furniture all go together beautifully. Look out of your balcony into the olde-worlde city that has beautifully retained its old-timey glamour. Bask in the blue-eyed swimming pool that sleeps in mild sunshineof this hotel in Kandy.

Hotel Suisse : Magically quaint


 Kandy never runs out of colonial houses. Hotel Suisse is another colonial residence by the side of the Kandy Lake. I love how it sits grandly in a four-acre garden. It spells out 17th-century glamour in its wooden furnishings and floral fabrics. Out of your room windows, the world is beautiful with a charming city, a lake, and a landscaped garden. The rooms are adorned with furniture that gives the antique feels. You’ll love the hand paintings hanging on the walls and the ‘shades of tradition’ that are put against the walls of the rooms. Have a dip in the swimming pool of this Kandy hotel as the winds that carry the secrets of the lake whispers to you. Or just spoil yourself with a lazy couple of hours at the spa.

Theva Residency : Romance in the air


There’s this romantic boutique hotel along the slopes of stunning Hantana Mountain. If you want to lose yourself among the white-mists, mountains, and fresh air this is the place. Theva Residency definitely makes for a chapter off a fairy-tale book. The rooms are tucked in such a way that the mountains seem so close by out of your room balcony or the glass windows. I felt like I really dwelled in the mountains! The cottons and silks and the cushions on the snug sofas are so inviting that you just can’t wait to get cozy in your room!

Hotel Alakamanda : An olde-worlde boutique hotel

Hotel Alakamanda

I wonder if any place can ever look more beautifully ancient than Hotel Alakamanda. It looks like a miniature palace. You’ll love how ancient-timey it looks on the outside and still how luxurious it’s on the inside. After a day of admiring the glorious ruins of Anuradhapura, chances are that you’ll feel like some royal personage or a warrior from the days of yore (At least I did!). I tell you, there’s nothing like going to your own little palace at the end of a journey back in time to the days of the kings and the queens. If you want to hold on to the magic of the olden city, Hotel Alakamanda is the best. There’s nothing too dashing about the hotel that distracts your mind. Soft colours, walls that look quite olde-worlde, dark brown wooden furniture, gardens and lawns landscaped in the old way…. Fancy coming across some quaint thing at every turn- an old-fashioned pot, a stone statue, or a lighted clay lamp. The looks of the Hotel Alakamanda is beautifully behind-the-times, but the luxuries aren’t lacking. Swimming pool, cozy beds, and modern bathrooms, this hotel in Anuradhapura has it all.

Villa Modarawattha – A villa with a shining soul

IC_Villa Modarawattha_Exterior

Just when you pass the Lotus Pond in the gardens you’re in love with the villa. Villa Modarawattha is this charming place where all your old-world dreams come true. A 150 years old Dutch house, the villa hasn’t lost the glories of the bygones. And it has such a go-slow appeal. It’s set on the banks of the idyllic Koggala Lake. The bedrooms of this hotel in Koggala are just so vibrant and colourful that even your dreams are going to be picture-perfect! The large four poster beds made me feel quite aristocratic! Rooms are full of sunshine and fresh winds and have so much scope to dream. The sea-view restaurant takes dining to another level! The smell of food on the table and the sea lapping softly right next to you. It feels like the sea is in your yard. Villa Modarawattha is really very much private. The shadowy gardens, a pool all yours, and a cozy veranda to watch the sunsets from! The list, of course, goes on.

The Lake House Polonnaruwa – The romance of the queen


The Lake House is so fine, yet so modest. Likely it believes in the line ‘True elegance never boasts’. The house was a circuit bungalow for British officials back in its day. Today it’s an intimate boutique hotel and it looks out on the ancient Parakrama Samudra Reservoir of Polonnaruwa. I loved enjoying the view from one of those garden seats with sun umbrellas. Talk about a lazy, idle evening! And fancy a night at the Queen’s suite where the Queen of England spent her honeymoon! The rooms of this hotel in Polonnaruwa are so modern and so rustic and then again so elegant. Grab your favorite drink at the cafe and luxuriate in some day-dreaming. Or read away a couple of hours on cozy seats set in the gardens. Or just invite yourself to the romance of the mellow sunshine that lingers on the lake and the freakish twilight winds that dance over it.

Laya Waves Kalkudah – Quaint wooden chalets by the sea

Laya Waves Kalkudah12

 I was looking for something snug on the sands of Kalkudah. Then I found Laya Waves Kalkudah and I couldn’t be happier. The light and dark brown paints give the chalets such a woody appeal. The wooden sunbeds by the pool, the landscaped gardens, and the lawns dotted by pretty little flower pots. Laya Waves Kalkudah is different from any luxury beach resort. It looks like a quaint garden taken away from the countryside and put right here next to the Indian Ocean. The privacy of this small hotel is quite striking. Less crowded and more greenish is more beautiful. And then there’s a gorgeous, golden-green leaved crooked tree by the side of the swimming pool of this hotel in Kalkudah that will give you feels upon feels.

I hope this helps you when you travel to Sri Lanka. Don’t forget to let me know what you love the most about them!

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