Sigiriya Village Hotel

Sigiriya Village

Sigiriya Village is for those days when you want to live a dream off an ancient chronicle. Unwind at this splendid resort in the magical historic city of Sigiriya and be transported into a golden chapter of Sri Lankan history. Sigiriya Village was affectionately built with those of us who long for days of yore when kings built wonderful citadels and beautiful maidens graced the castle picture in mind. And Set in the vicinage of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, it opens up a wonderland Ceylonese village experience. Resplendently sitting on 26 acres of splendorous land clad in luxuriant frondescence, the Sigiriya Village is what it feels like to live in a Ceylonese Village during the era of King Kasyapa – the megalomaniac king behind the glorious Rock Fortress of Sigiriya.

This 120 roomed hotel in Sigiriya spoils you with three beguiling room categories to choose from. Capturing the real sylvan charm of a Ceylonese village, the Sigiriya Village also conveys a sense of finesse.

Deluxe Rooms

A moat surrounds a cluster of 20 Deluxe rooms giving the whole scene an air of a moated fortress. When you step in to your own castle you’ll find yourself wrapped in fortalice-like serenity and modern opulence. Your little castle also comes with a sit-out veranda and a pond!

Classic Rooms

40 Classic rooms are built in such a way to resemble quaint villages from the bygones. The ‘Avurudu Cluster’ celebrates what a pastoral Ceylonese village looks like in April, when fiery red blossoms are in full bloom. The ‘Ganga Addara Cluster’ beautifully recreates a story of a village lying along the banks of a river. Both villages are beautified with little wooden bridges, streams, and riotous verdure. You can marvel at the enchantment of your own village as you idle the evening away at your sit-out veranda.

Superior Rooms

60 Superior rooms are scattered across extensive lands with different natural themes as backdrop. In the ‘Paddy Cluster’ rooms are sprinkled around a small paddy field prettied up with a scarecrow. The ‘Temple Cluster’ celebrates the traditional Buddhist culture. The ‘Kingfisher Cluster’ is suggestive of possibilities of bird songs, lakes, and ponds.


Sigiriya Village promises to take you off on magical culinary journeys on the wings of good old Ceylonese hospitality. Whether you crave a spicy, local style lunch served on fresh banana leaves – an international buffet – or an al fresco dinner amid lighted lanterns – the chefs are at the helm. Get a bit tipsy and merry at the lobby bar that shakes up delightful cocktails. Or wind town with an aromatic cuppa at the Tea Room.

At the end of a very happy and busy day of braving the Rock Fortress of Sigiriya, walk your tired self to the Ayurvedic Spa of the hotel that offers a lot of treatments to sooth and smooth those blues. Or make a splash in the pool and cool off in the satin-blue waters.

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