Stay in a bungalow in Nuwara Eliya this April

April and Nuwara Eliya, you just can’t think separately of the two words. April brings spring to Nuwara Eliya. So it is no wonder that many people think that a family stay at a cozy bungalow in Nuwara Eliya is a fairytale. The picturesque city offers many bungalows- cozy, elegant and pleasant. The best thing about bungalows is that they exude a home-like warmth. Imagine having a bungalow and a pretty bloomy garden to yourself- you and your loved ones only. Frolic in the living room, family laughs across the dining table, walk together in a spring garden. A bungalow is where you find the little joys of life. I’m only introducing you to some of my favourites, let’s see where your heart stays at.

Senani Colonial Bungalow



If you love the Colonial feels then this is the place for you. This old planter’s bungalow is almost a century old. The house of course is refurbished but the olden glory is not gone. The antiques and olden type photos on the walls at Senani Colonial Bungalow will take you back to the wonderful yester-years. The rooms and bathrooms furnished with modern facilities will make you cozy and comfortable. So you revel in old-fashioned elegance still enjoying the modern comforts. That’s it!

Samovin Gardens

Samovin Gardens1

Home away from home anyone? Dutch style beauty in the ground floor rooms and antique wooden looks in the top floor rooms. Me? Well I would totally go wooden. After a quiet walk in the breezy garden you could meet up for some cozy evening chat in the snug living rooms. When the stars set in snuggle in the cozy furniture and watch your favourite family TV show! That sums up your expereince at Samovin Gardens.

St Edwards Bungalow

St.Edward Bungalow A colonial bungalow reminiscing of the old English days. A stay at the St Edwards Bungalow will take you on a journey back to 100 years in the history. Feel like royalty when you recline on a king-size colonial bed with your children. Perfect for some couple time too. Fall in love again amid the hills. I bet you’re going to love the views of from the bungalow, nothing but emerald hills and thin hazes.

Fairyland Inn

Fairyland Inn1

This cheerful guest house offers four comfortable rooms. The rooms at Fairyland Inn are pleasant letting in plenty of mellow sun shine. Spend some idle time in your rooms while the heaters make the room warm. Don’t let the word guest house mar your picture though. It’s a pleasant place in every sense of the word.

Now you know what a bungalow in Nuwara Eliya promises. Don’t let this April go awaste. Remember, every little joy shared with your family count. So check the Nuwara Eliya Bungalow offers has lined up for this April. I hear there’s a double promotion going on, a wonderful deal for full bungalow bookings plus additional discount for a promo code. Spend a little relaxed holiday with those who you love the best. Time for family cuddles and snuggles, jokes and smiles among the waterfalls, hills and roses!

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