Amazing Things To Do In Ella Sri Lanka


Are you a lover of the beautiful and picturesque? And, does your ideal holiday has lots of pretty places, bloom, mountain stories, songs of brooks. Also, fairy tales of waterfalls, quaint little spots and such other dream-like stuff? Then I better warn you so that you are prepared in advance.  Ella, Sri Lanka has lots of pretty places that look like parts of the fairyland. Read on so that your little heart can handle how picturesque Ella, Sri Lanka is when you really get here!

And pack your walking shoes, sun screen. In addition a sweatshirt for the night too! So start daydreaming about breezy mornings and cozy nights.

One night, I dreamed a dream about a little village where mountains were clad in glimmering-green, butterflies were romancing the woodland blossoms , and tea plantations meandered by the side of pretty winding roads. That dream came true the morning I arrived in Ella! Ella is a little little village nestled in the Badulla district of the Uva province of Sri Lanka. With overtones of the English countryside, it also makes perfect background for a go-slow kinda holiday.

Dotted with picturesque rocks on each side, Ella offers some cool climbs.


Little Adam's Peak in Ella

The climb to Little Adam’s Peak takes you through glistening tea gardens. As you stroll up, the valley down looks like an endless wonderland. The waterfalls around look as misty and dreamy as those in the heaven must look like. If the day is clear and fine, the climb to Little Adam’s Peak will afford you a fantastic view of the South coast of the Island. That’s what I call double bonus! If you want to spy on the sun, you can go in the morning and see how it rains golden gold over the pretty peak. In shape, it resembles the holy mountain of butterflies, the Adam’s Peak. But the climb is super easy so as to suit even the laziest of us. If you have some untold love for mountains may be Little Adam’s Peak is where you start romancing them. You know you always want to go slow in the beginning.


Ella Rock

Ella Rock is for those who want mountain trekking in full-swing. Start in the morning before the clouds roll in. It’s a slightly hard and very beautiful climb that starts at the Ella railway station. Hike through beauteous tea plantations, magical woodlands, and enchanting wilds as the fantabulous value down mesmerizes you with thousands of sweet views. The tracks aren’t clearly marked and the path isn’t always obvious, but when you finally get to the summit you feel like you are in the most beautiful chapter of your favourite fairy tale. That’s all about it.


Ella Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

This quaint romantic viaduct with its nine wonderful sky bridges is sure to take you back in time the colonial yesteryears. The wonder is built with sheer rocks, brick, and stones without a touch of steel. And if you are lucky enough to be there just when a train passes through you could enjoy a most picturesque moment.


Ravana Ella Falls

A little too gorgeous, the Ravana Falls in Ella knows how to play with hearts. A stunning cascade down a rocky outcrop, this ethereal beauty of a waterfall is haloed by the legends from the Indian epic of the Ramayanaya. Princess Sita is said to have been held captive in the cave near the waterfall. The Ravana falls has a certain wildishness about it as if reflecting on the turbulent yester-years. Could it be the troubled feelings of Sita whirling wildly in the falling waters?



Ella Gap Hotel

If your dreams are made of a garden in full-bloom, a pretty-looking structure, a quaint little café, a nice swimming pool, and a fabulous restaurant and bar go for this romantic hotel in Ella. Fall in love with the loveliness of Ella from the private balconies as you get cozy in the home-like warmth of your rooms.


Ella Flower Garden Resort

Life is made for moments like this .Staying at a little picturesque chalet, looking out of your wooden balcony into misty mountains.Walking along a rustic fence to a cozy restaurant. Having a little tea party in the garden. A cup of coffee to keep you warm and the mountain views to fall in love with. The garden of this resort in Ella is quite captivating with a myriad of blossoms. Soft-hued or rainbowey, jewel-toned, sweet-scented, shy, silky, or wild. The lavish bloom swaying in the breeze is going to steal your heart.

And remember, the sleepy little hamlet of Bandarawela is a mere 13 km away from gorgeous Ella too. So you can stay three days in Ella and fly right into the heart of the picturesque enchantment of both towns!

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