Traditional Dance in Sri Lanka: Fantastic Ves, Vannam, and Other Dances

Traditional dance in Sri  Lanka will have you spellbound. And your eyes aching with its splendour too. Smooth and exquisite movements. Also, beautiful costumes. Vibrant beats and music too. Sri Lankan cultural dance will always have the spectators blown away with its brilliance and beauty.

Traditional dance in Sri  Lanka: Ves Dance

Traditional Dance in Sri Lanka, Kandyan Ves Dancing performance

The lavish and ornate Ves Dance is the quintessential Kandyan dance – shiny and radiant. Glistening costumes and jewelery. A beautiful headgear too. This dance is also characterized by percussion and gracefully vibrant movements. The percussion will have an entrancing effect on you. The traditional drums pep up the stage while a pair of small traditional cymbals produces dreamy music. The dancers dance along beautifully making incredibly smooth yet strong movements. Their chests are covered by a shiny beaded net and their headdress clatter as they move. Towards the middle of the dance, things get wilder: Spins and double spins. And crazy head whirls too!

Traditional dance in Sri  Lanka: Devil Dance

Sri Lankan cultural dance, Devil dancer wearing a mask

Devil dancers would wear masks that are created to look like characters such as devils and mythical birds. These dances are believed to chase away evil spirits in the background. Devil dances are held through the night. Sometimes in homes and sometimes in devala shrines too. The stages decorated with coconut palm flowers and banana tree trunks give the whole performance an aura of exoticism.

Traditional dance in Sri  Lanka: Pantheru Dance

Traditional Dance in Sri Lanka, charming group of Pantheru dancers

Pantheru dance is a charming group of dancers swaying gracefully on their feet. The dancers are clad in enchanting, colourful costumes and carry a tambourine in their hands. The tambourines have small traditional cymbals attached to it which produce a silvery ringing music. A loud peal reverberates across the place as the dancers twirl lightly.

Traditional dance in Sri  Lanka: Folk Dances

Traditional Dance in Sri Lanka, female dancers dancing kulu dance

Sri Lankan cultural stage has seen many vibrant and unique folk dances. The Leekeli which is a dance made by beating two sticks against each other is a very vivacious form of dance. The Kalagedi dance will have female dancers dancing beautifully with ornately decorated pot – now in their hands and now on their lap. In the Raban dance, dancers will hold a little hand drum in their hands which they play while dancing along.

Traditional dance in Sri  Lanka: Vannam

Dance in Sri Lanka, Vannam Dancers beautifuly representate the behavior of animals

Vannam Dances are a beautiful dancing representation of the behavior of certain animals. The classical Vannam Dances celebrate a variety of animals including the elephant, monkey, eagle, peacock, and horse. Imagine an ostentation of peacocks gracing the stage! Clad in the colours of the peacock. Or may be a magical flock of swans mimicking their beautiful movements. A recitation can br heard in the background.

Traditional dance in Sri  Lanka: Udekki Dance

Traditional dance in Sri Lanka, Udekki dancers make swift moves

Udekki is a small hand drum that’s said to have been played in the heaven. So get ready to witness a musical and dancing performance made in heaven. Udekki is a cute looking instrument painted in yellow, green, red, and black. The dancers make swift moves while playing their own Udekki.

Watching a Sri Lankan cultural dance is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the splendour of Sri Lankan culture. Soak in the shine and brilliance and beauty of traditional dance in Sri Lanka.

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