Train Travel in Sri Lanka: Through Countryside Colours

Train travel in Sri Lanka is a fantastic experience that brings into life, fun and scenery. Hopping on a fantastic train is such a pleasant way to get around in the Countryside of Sri Lanka.

Train travel in Sri Lanka, train moving head on nine arch bridge

Train Travel in Sri Lanka: Colombo to Kandy 

The train from Colombo to Kandy is one of the best and most comfortable methods to reach the quaint, romantic city. The ride that begins amidst the bustling Colombo city will take you to the incredibly old-fashioned hill capital of Sri Lanka. Pass bustling small towns and busy roadsides dotted with little shops. And you’ll feel the mountain air settling in. As the mountains tower high into the clouds and you’re greeted with a mizzle, you know you’re about to enter the Kandyan landscape.

Train Travel in Sri Lanka: Ella to Kandy

Sit back and watch as the countryside comes into life around you… And in front of you too… The train ride from Ella to Kandy is sure to treat you to some incredibly beautiful scenery. Hence, the train ride is a little adventure in itself too! The Ella train station is also a sleepy, idyllic place. The train from Ella to Kandy will take you through a mist-clad landscape green with tea gardens where local tea pluckers can be seen harvesting tea leaves – their fingers moving gracefully and their faces glowing in the morning sun… Also, the mist scarfed mountains will be embracing the skyline in beautiful silhouette.

It’s always a good idea to buy your tickets in advance (they sell out quickly). Book the observation car where available as it’s the best way to watch the scenery.

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