Villas in Sri Lanka for Cozy Family Holidays

Villas in Sri Lanka are laid-back and cozy and private; unpretentious and unboasting…

Villas in Sri Lanka, Villas, chalets, and bungalows

Villas, chalets, and bungalows are for the times you simply want to unwind with your closest ones and have an unhurried, go-slow kind of holiday; you want to stay at a private place and stay low-key and cozy. Bungalows are such loveable places too: snug bed rooms, shadowy corridors, old attics, and quaint verandas to keep you warm and cheerful. Be surrounded by the cheerful and home-like experience of the villas in Sri Lanka.

 Villa Modarawattha

holiday bungalows in sri lanka, Villa Modarawattha exterior & guest room

Just when you pass the Lotus Pond in the gardens you’re in love with the villa. Villa Modarawattha is this charming place where all your old-world dreams come true. A 150 years old Dutch house, the villa still retains the magical looks of the olden days. The tranquil and go-slow appeal of this villa makes it one of the best villas in Sri Lanka. The bedrooms of this villa on the banks of the idyllic Koggala Lake are so vibrant and colourful that even your dreams are going to be picture-perfect! The large four poster beds are sure to make you feel quite aristocratic! Rooms are full of sunshine and fresh winds and have so much scope to dream. The sea-view restaurant takes dining to another level: aroma of food on the table and the sea lapping softly right next to you. Shadowy gardens, a pool, and a cozy veranda to watch the sunsets from… The list, of course, goes on.

Laya Waves Kalkudah

holiday bungalows in sri lanka, Exterior view of Laya Waves hotel

If you are looking for a snug place on the sands of Kalkudah Laya Waves Kalkudah should be the place. One of the best chalets in Sri Lanka, the light and dark brown paints give the chalets such a woody appeal. The wooden sunbeds by the pool, the landscaped gardens, and the lawns dotted by pretty little flower pots… Laya Waves Kalkudah looks like a quaint garden taken away from the countryside and put right here next to the Indian Ocean. Less crowded and more greenish, the privacy of these chalets will have you in love.

Ella Flower Garden Resort

bungalows in sri lanka, Ella Flower Garden exterior & room view

I think life’s made for moments like this : Staying at a little picturesque chalet, looking out of your wooden balcony into misty mountains, walking along a rustic fence to a cozy restaurant, and having a little tea party in the garden. A cup of coffee to keep you warm and the mountain views to fall in love with. And the Ella Flower Garden Resort is such a bloomy place into the bargain. The resort lives up to its name. It’s the eternal spring that reigns at the Ella Flower Garden Resort.

Senani Colonial Bungalow

holiday villas in sri lanka, exterior view of Senani Colonial Bungalow

If you love the Colonial feels then this is the place for you. This old planter’s bungalow is almost a century old. The house of course is refurbished but the olden glory is not gone. The antiques and olden type photos on the walls will take you back to the wonderful yester-years. The rooms and bathrooms furnished with modern facilities will make you cozy and comfortable. So you revel in old-fashioned elegance still enjoying the modern comforts.

Samovin Gardens

Villas in Sri Lanka, Samovin Gardens hotel exterior & room view

Home away from home anyone? Dutch style beauty in the ground floor rooms and antique wooden looks in the top floor rooms. Me? Well I would totally go wooden. After a quiet walk in the breezy garden you could meet up for some cozy evening chat in the snug living rooms. When the stars set in snuggle in the cozy furniture and watch your favourite family TV show!

St Edwards Bungalow

holiday bungalows in sri lanka, exterior and terrace view

 A colonial bungalow reminiscing of the old English days St Edwards is one of the coziest bungalows in Sri Lanka. A stay at the St Edwards Bungalow will take you on a journey back to 100 years in the history. Feel like royalty when you recline on a king-size colonial bed with your children. Perfect for some couple time too. Fall in love again amid the hills. I bet you’re going to love the views of from the bungalow, nothing but emerald hills and thin hazes.

Spend a little relaxed holiday with those who you love the best in villas in Sri Lanka. Time for family holidays packed with cheerful days.  Slow down, stay unhurried and enjoy the charms…Be engulfed by the cozy warmth.

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