Where To Go Shopping In Sri Lanka: Tea, Arts and Crafts and More

Glistening porcelain items and lovely cane crafts. And Fine teas, Herbs, and spices. Exquisitely made arts and crafts too. Silk, batiks, and handloom. Also, gems coming into life. Shopping in Sri Lanka is a fantastic experience in itself.

Shopping in Sri Lanka: Laksala

Where To Go Shopping In Sri Lanka, Laksala Art & Craft, souvenirs

Laksala offers a beautiful souvenir and handicrafts experience. Tea and spices present you with a truly Ceylonese collection with unique and pure tastes and aromas. Fabrics include handloom and batiks too. Gems and jewelry range from necklaces and bangles to gift sets. In addition, Laksala also boasts an arts and crafts collection complete with ornaments such as stone, brassware, silverware, seashells, and wooden items.

AddressNo. 215, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Thummulla, Colombo 7.

Tel: 011 2580579 / 011 5846168

Shopping in Sri Lanka: Odel

Shopping in Sri Lanka, Odel shopping mall & lifestyle stores

A fashionable lifestyle store, Odel sells stylish garments, exotic perfumes, designer wear, and fine pieces of jewelry too.The shopping mall is also complete with a foot massage spa and a delightful food court.

Address: No 05, Alexandra Place, Colombo 07

Tel: +94 (0) 114-625800

Shopping in Sri Lanka: Paradise Road

Where To Go Shopping In Sri Lanka, Paradise Road collection of elegant souvenirs

Paradise road has on offer a luxurious and elegant shopping experience. It has an unparalleled collection of elegant souvenirs. In addition, Paradise Road also has an opulent cafe that is home to delightful tastes and aromas.

Address: No 213, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07

Tel:   +94 11 2686043

Shopping in Sri Lanka: Barefoot

Shopping in Sri Lanka, Barefoot stylish garments and fabrics store

Visit Barefoot for elegant and stylish garments and fabrics. This opulent shopping place offers a marvelous collection of vibrant tablecloths, napkins, and also hand woven fabrics.

Address: No 704, Galle Road, Colombo 03

Tel: +94 11 2589305

Shopping in Sri Lanka: Arcade Independence Square

Explore sri lanka, The Arcade Independence Square

An iconic shopping landmark in Sri Lanka Arcade Independence Square treats you to a stylish shopping experience. It is packed with elegantly coordinated shopping and dining venues too.

Address: No 30, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07

Tel: 078 556 1315

Shopping in Sri Lanka: Spa Ceylon

Where To Go Shopping In Sri Lanka, Spa Ceylon luxury Ayurveda items

Spa Ceylon has a wonderful collection of luxury Ayurveda items. Get pampered at the spa and then take your favorite Ayurveda items home.

Address: No 14, Ward Pl, Colombo 07

Tel:  011 2 680800

Shopping in Sri Lanka is a beautiful activity and becomes a little adventure on its own!

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