White Water Rafting in Kitulgala: Magic in Crystal White

The scenic hamlet of Kitulgala slumbers in loveliness, in the West of Sri Lanka. A beautiful small town that gets a monsoon twice a year – also with a reputation for being one of the rainiest towns in the island. A heaven of a place snuggled in a mere three hours’ drive from Colombo too. Kitulgala is a byword for white water rafting in Sri Lanka. White water rafting in Kitulgala lures hundreds of rafters to this dream-like landscape.

White Water Rafting in Kitulgala, water rafters kitulgala

White water rafting in Kitulgala

The beautiful Kelani River flows through the town in an incredible width, flaunting off its crystal white waters. White water rafting in Kitulgala is a wild and magical experience; you’ll be rafting on water at its whitest and widest.A landscape that looks like it’s been taken off a movie, Kitulgala also is the location of the award winning movie ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’.

Flat water rafting in Kitulgala

Suppose you are not into wild adventures or got kids with you. Kitulagala still has something beautiful to offer you: flat water rafting. Simply float slowly down the river inhaling in the enchantment of the scene.

Waterfall Abseiling in Kitulgala

In addition, Kitulgala also offers ideal conditions for waterfall abseiling. The intensity of the experience that awaits you will blow your mind. You will feel fully connected to nature as you are hanging on a rope while a waterfall gushes down beneath you.

Jungle Trekking in Kitulgala

If you are a jungleholic with green blood coursing through you, Kitulgala will have you marvelling . The Kitulgala Rainforest Reserve is just a wooden boat journey away. The jungle is packed with surprises and delights: crooning streams, birds, endless green canopies, emerald arches gloried over with blossoms and caves too.

After an episode of white water rafting and jungle trekking come back to your own little camp in the outdoors and sleep by a bonfire and under the stars.

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