Located about 35km south of capital Colombo, Wadduwa is an enchanting little coastal town. A much sought after destination by those seeking tranquility, golden sandy beaches and inviting blue ocean waters.

Locally Wadduwa is famous for coconut palm cultivation and also the production of coconut toddy, a local intoxicator, and vinegar, both byproducts of coconut. According to folklore the area got its name as it was popularly known as the village of native indigenous physicians. For those visiting Wadduwa today the attractions are the curvy strip of golden sands shaded by palm trees, the blue waters with the perfect undulations for water sports and the nearby fishing villages. The little town is ideal for treasure hunting and soaking up the culture. You can explore the various jewellery shops and hand-craft stalls and also enjoy local fare served at the various small wayside eateries. Overall Wadduwa offers a laid back atmosphere and even during the evenings the beaches afford a tranquil setting. Some of the hotels boast a lively night atmosphere but the beaches remain quiet and slow day and night.