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Amethyst Resort: Violet Paradise in the East…

A giant gem embraces the fantastic shoreline of the summer wonderland of Passikudah… It shimmers and glimmers – opening a magical world brimming with purple possibilities: aurora skies flushed with just a touch of fairy, orchid-purple… twilights bannered with mauve-coloured clouds… ocean sunsets soaked in mulberry… royal-purple stars flowering in beds of marshmallow clouds… tropical

Chalets, villas, bungalows, and boutique hotels for laid-back holidays

“What’s so special about bungalows and chalets?” People ask me. “They are so romantic and laid-back and quaint” I answer. “They are just loveable” They really are. Can you imagine anything more delightfully unpretentious than old bungalows or unboastingly elegant than boutique hotels? Or anything more private than villas or cozier than chalets? And they