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Top 10 Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Soaking up the sun. Mountain air in your lungs. Purplish sunset glories. Golden historical stories. Rolling hills and seas to swim in. Ramparts and citadels. Green clad forests and dells… Choose from hundreds of wonderful places to visit in Sri Lanka. 1.Places to visit in Sri Lanka: Kandy Kandy is the quintessential quaint town with

Kataragama – The Holy Grounds

The sacred town’s just a week away from the magical procession days.  The enchantment’s already building up. You can see bits of glory all over the place. Kataragama is vibrant enough as it is. Hot sunshine, wild winds, and fine skies. Kataragama is a gorgeous bit of paradise tucked in a rustic area in the

My love note to Jaffna

Dear Jaffna, You are quite worth the tan, no regrets. You were beautiful.Your seas, shores, palmyrahs and skies, hey words fail me. Your history and ruins, culture and food captivate me. I’m back in Colombo but I’ve left my heart somewhere  in a peninsula in North. Those were some golden days over there… A swim